Los Altos, CA

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This was a 2000sf., 2 story Home In Los Altos, CA that was completely deconstructed. All the fixtures, building materials, and salvageable lumber were donated to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The concrete foundation was demolished then transported to a recycling plant where it was crushed into reusable, recycled base rock. All unusable lumber was then de-nailed, chipped and reused as ground cover throughout the site which help the owner to reach his “LEAD” requirements and assisted in the owner receiving reduced & waived permit fees.

By using MAVCO Deconstruction and donating all the fixtures, building materials & reusable lumber to our affiliated non-profit organization, the homeowner received a tax deductible donation receipt (for his donation) with the value in excess of $125,000.00.

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